Supporting Texts

12 Haiku

                                                           (John Holland)


Animals and plants
make copies of themselves
for posterity.


Humans change the Earth.
We coevolve with our environment.
The Earth changes us.


Brains are like faces.
Though physically similar,
each one is unique.


Humans are choosing
their path of evolution
through gene therapy.


The ordinary,
through the study of nature,
becomes the divine.


Beauty and desire
began two million years back
with flowering plants.


In the real world
the essence of time is now.
Space is everywhere.


Holding someone’s eyes
for more than a few seconds
conveys love or war.


We are one species.
The Latin word sapiens.
The name we all share.


A single species.
A world population
linked by one genome.


Only ten per cent
of all living organisms
are known to science.


Various microbes
have been to the moon and back
long before humans.


Sands of a Distant Shore

 (from Cape Cod by H. D. Thoreau)

I picked up a bottle half buried in the wet sand, covered with barnacles, but stopped tight and full of red ale.

What if it could tell us its adventures over countless ocean waves! …that great salt sea on the one hand, and this little sea of ale on the other, preserving their separate characters.

As I poured it slowly out onto the sand, it seemed to me that man himself was like a half emptied bottle of pale ale, …destined ere long to mingle with the surrounding waves, or be spilled amid the sands of a distant shore.