Music for Violin and Piano

Space is Everywhere. Time is Now.

1. Starry Night in Four Quadrants (1991)  5:53

Erica Holland – Violin
John Holland – Piano

2. Three Pieces for Violin and Piano (Based on Diverse texts)* (2010)  8:08

1. 12 Haiku (from poems based on themes of science and nature by John Holland)
2. Passing By (inspired by the story The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott  Fitzgerald
3. Sands of a Distant Shore (based on a poetic fragment from the journal Cape Cod by H. D. Thoreau

* (see Supporting Texts)

Marla Rathbun – Violin
Maria Rivera – Piano

3. Memory for Violin and Piano (2002)  17:25

Marla Rathbun – Violin
Maria Rivera – Piano

4. The Clock for Violin and Piano (2010)  3:03

Marla Rathbun – Violin
Maria Rivera – Piano

5. Solo Music No. 2 for Unaccompanied Violin (1998)  21:07

1. Sustained – mechanical – sustained
2. Fast
3. Sustained – mechanical – sustained

Marla Rathbun – Violin

Download and Print:

Starry Night (Piano Score)
Starry Night (Violin Part)

Three Pieces (Piano Score)
Three Pieces (Violin Part)

Memory (Piano Part)
Memory (Violin Part)

The Clock (Piano Score)
The Clock (Violin Part)

Solo Music No. 2 (Solo Violin)